Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Break, Part II

Works in Progress
I have been working on several art projects while on break—starting some, finishing others—and thought you might like to see where I am with the trying two-panel. As previously stated, I am still at it and believe I have the clouds at a “10” (on a scale of 1 to 10), the wheat field now at an “8½” (there’s something not right about the cloud shadow), and the not-as-pitiable desert now at a “7.” The desert is my biggest concern, but it’s come the farthest. It’s still too dark and the road depth is just a little off.

This Land, Acrylic on Board, Each Panel 12" x 20" (2010)
I have also been working on cleaning up a charcoal we did in my intermediate drawing class. I drew the piece in the Egon Schiele style of nonrefined contour line and as a learning exercise and precursor to my sleeping self-portrait. Cuesta has a juried student show coming up and I think I’d like to enter this piece if I can figure out what to do with the background.
Second-Hand Dude, Charcoal on Paper, 20" x 30" (2010)

We have three projects due in my book arts class, but I’ve been focusing on my pop-up book this week. Book arts is a class where we actually learn how to make books. We cut the boards, glue on fabric, stitch or glue the signatures, and create cases. These invaluable skills are probably more craft than art at the level I’m currently working, which is no reflection on our very fine instructor, David Prochaska, but rather testimony of my newbie status. There are, however, artist’s books that would boggle your mind in their intricacy and beauty. I’ve included a few photos below (not my work, just pieces I googled). I’ve also included a photo of the model for my pop-up. I’m taking the final health care bill, putting it into a coffin-shaped book and cover, with a bill-turned-vampire as the pop-up. That’s not political commentary, is it?!!

Example: Artist's Book
Example: Artist's Book
Example: Artist's Book

Working Model for My Pop-Up Book (2010)
I find, as always, that I am more changed when my projects are complete than the projects themselves, which begs the question, what or who is the work in progress?

The Spring Break Projects List
I still have not made it into the garage, but I did start, complete, and file my taxes today. The weather, which has been cold, rainy, windy, and gloomy all day, was perfect for the task. Check. (As in “off the list,” not “refund.”) I did laundry, picked up Marco’s prescription, and loaded Adobe Lightroom onto my computer. Check, check, check.

I also spent some time at the Paso Robles art center ( yesterday. My friend Carol found a watercolor on canvas that she’s infatuated with and wanted me to look at it. Based on the number of people who said, “Nice to see you again,” I think she’s been there a few times trying to decide whether or not the infatuation is true love worthy of actual purchase. Sometimes art is like that.

I have never been what you could characterize as a “shopper” (my mother thinks I’m not related to her) except where art and books are concerned. Art galleries and book stores are dangerous to my pocket book, so I have to be particularly vigilant in a tough economy. I held my ground (and budget) even though I saw some wonderful pieces and met some very fascinating artists. I really liked Peg Grady’s cat piece. If you’re nearby, check it out!

Back to Reality
All in all, it’s been a pretty relaxing, yet productive, Spring break. Tomorrow morning, I check out of the guest room and go back to school…when’s the next holiday?


  1. I really like "....Dude". In my opinion I kinda like the white background...highlights the "Dude".

  2. I also like "Dude" but think perhaps some kind of "light" (meaning pale) swirls are what would excite me in the background...almost but not quite non-existent, if you get my drift.

    And galleries and book stores are MY temptations, too, and I have STILL not been back for the watercolor...

  3. Wasn't there a song about that - NO - it was "Anticipation"...but "Infatuation" would fit the music!!